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jackson in washington with more on what the >> the obama administration is expected to unveil new initiatives to put a stop to cyber stealing. hallie jackson has more on what we can hear today from our washington bureau. >> today the obama administration will announce it is going after countries which spy on the u.s. by hacking into our online systems. >> it is something we're working on constantly and we will take necessary measures to enhance our cybersecurity. >> the white house wants fines and other sanctions as part of a more aggressive stance on cyberattacks, especially those from china the news comes a couple of days after a firm linked to a chinese military units was accused of stealing secrets. countries spying on other countries online is nothing new, according to cyber security experts. but what is different about the china hack is the focus of u.s. infrastructure. >> that could give them leverage to either launch an attack or just have political leverage in knowing the vulnerabilities of our nation. >> officials in beijing and said they had nothing to do with the cyber
the board? caller: absolutely, i am. as far as obama supporters, this man and this government right now, they're absolutely trying to trap us, control us, manipulate us, and drain us. host: do you blame your local government, which is the one that instituted this? or the federal government? caller: both. host: rob is a democrat in new york. i think red lights ever pretty much become yellow lights now in my experience. the number of red lights that are being blown seems to be an epidemic. it does generate revenue. the city's backs are against wall. they need different types of revenue. observing as a pedestrian and a driver, it's a good idea. host: stanley in long island, new york, independence. -- independent line. caller: good morning. i have sprayed my license plate with that stuff that you cannot read the number of the plate. host: is that legal? caller: i don't know. host: have you ever gotten pulled over from it? caller: it could be fog on the camera. host: but a police officer could read it? caller: sure. host: why don't you want the cameras to see your license plate? are you tryi
. in an effort to make its case to the american people, president obama is taking to the airways. wjz is live at the white house, where vic has spent the day, a short time ago, he asked the president about this doomsday deadline. hi, vic. >> hi, mary. there's certainly no question that here at the white house, the new cycle has been dominated by those talks about sequestration and those looming budget cuts that could affect the nation's biggest agencies. >> reporter: at the white house today, the president and senior staff continued to warn congress that if action is not taken, the country is in danger of having to furlough thousands of government employees. the president said the ball is clearly in congress's court, with marylander's jobs and services hanging in the balance. >> what i say to them is that there is no reason they should be furloughed. there is no reason they should lose their job or be laid off. this is a problem that congress can solve. you know, these automatic spending cuts that were put into place back in 2011, were designed to get congr
into here in washington, president obama is doing an end around the national press today. he's taking questions from local tv stations, blaming congress for doing nothing to avoid these forced spending cuts scheduled to take effect in just nine days. so what kind of cuts is the president willing to take? jim acosta confronted the white house press secretary today with that question. jim is joining us now. how did it go? >> reporter: wolf, here we go again. the white house and congress move one day closer to the massive forced spending cuts that go into effect at the end of next week. and even though they both agree it's a problem, they are both busy blaming each other to fix it. the white house sounding the alarm. poor children will be tossed out of classrooms, health services will be slashed, border security will be compromised and the economy will take a hit if forced budgets cuts begin to happen on march 1st and the obama administration says republicans will be to blame. >> the pleas that the republicans are making are throw these people out of work. it's just -- it makes no sense.
general john callen says he plans on retiring. he was president obama's top pick to lead the nato troops. allen says he is retiring so he can focus more on his family, especially his wife who is going through some health issues. last august it was announced he was being investigated for potentially inappropriate e- mail exchanges but was cleared of any wrog wrongdoing last month. >>> the u.s. is going after china for what it calls cyber espionage. there's mounting evidence to suggest that the chinese military is responsible for stealing u.s. government data and corporate trade secrets. the obama administration is now looking into slapping china with fines, penalties and other trade restrictions. >>> five things to know on this wednesday morning, vice president joe biden is hosting a medal of valor ceremony today. that medal is awarded to public safety officers who have shown courage while attempting to save or protect others from harm. >>> secretary of state john kerry is giving his first foreign policy speech today. he'll be speaking to students and faculty about u.s. diplomacy and his
>>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is on assignment. president obama is warning about across-the-board budget cuts soon to kick in. he warns people will lose their jobs and services will be slashed. >> we are now nine days away from those deep automatic cuts. bill plante is at the white house. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. top congressional leaders say it's the president's fault and they don't want these cuts to happen even though some of their members do. the president says he doesn't want the cuts to happen either. today he sits down with local tv reporters to as the white house official puts it to turn up the pressure for republicans to compromise. with just over a week until the cuts take effect the president's placing the blame for the sequester squarely at the doorstep of the republicans in congress. >> the last thing our families can afford right now is pain imposed unnecessarily by by partisan recklessness. >> reporter: he'll hit the road to argue his case campaign stile regarding burgeoning budget cuts. he wants to clos
. >> calling on congress to get a deal done. the obama administration plans to stop cyber stealing. >> hallie jackson has details. >> the obama administration will announce it is going after countries that spy on the u.s. by hacking. the u.s. wants more fines as part of an aggressive stance against cyber attacks, especially those from china. a chinese military unit was linked to years of stealing secrets on mine from the u.s. and private companies. china says they have nothing to do with the cyber attacks. >> what has the administration done so far? >> the president has signed an executive order. he talked about this in his speech. the in speecunion >> do we know what kind of information is being targeted? >> this is some potentially viable information from private companies. let's give you an example. they could pull information to save millions of dollars in research costs and for bidding wars. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> 5:27. >> the man convicted of murdering phylicia barnes wants a new trial. a new trial. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news tod
to know that the whole obama family, we've been thinking about you and praying for you and rooting for you every step of the way. >> you've been an inspiration to all of us. and we couldn't be happier that you're back here, doing what you do best. >> and personally, i'm looking forward to our interview together in a couple of days. >> robin, it's great to see you back in that chair. and we're all excited to start our morning with you once again. ♪ i'm on top of the world >> that is so incredibly special. i do have little bangs right here. the hair's growing in a little more. that's very special for them to do that. and i am looking forward to sitting down with mrs. obama. >> going to be great. >> grab your coffee, america. settle in. this feels right. >> for the first time, i'm speechless. >> that's really saying something. >>> josh, we have the scary explosion in kansas city. >> we have breaking news to get to. but today, it follows the best news of all. we love you. welcome back. we're going to turn, now, to kansas city and that massive explosion you saw at the top of the show. it leve
on congress. some say there rex the obama administration is announcing aggressive steps to do with an increase in canal linking to the chinese government. or in the story. >> the government denies it but china is suspected of being behind a spate of cyber attacks. on some of america's biggest companies. a crackdown focused on china. >> protection of intellectual property and trade secrets remains a serious and highly troubling issue. >> the announcement follows a report by security firm that the chinese government has been actively involved in hacking. for the purpose of stealing trade secrets. a report traces the hacking to a building in shanghai that has been confirmed as being the headquarters for a unit of cyber-war years for china's people's liberation army. thousands of cyber-attacks were launched from here against dozens of u.s. companies including big daily newspapers and the even bigger coca-cola, facebook, and apple. >> there is two companies left in america and one of those companies that have been hacked to know it and the companies that have been hacked and do not know it. >> hack
without pay. president obama blamed republicans for holding up a deal. the president said emergency responders could lose their jobs. >> these cuts are not fair and it will hurt our economy. >> john boehner said the revenue debate is now closed. >> republicans are not comfortable with these defense cuts. >> lawmakers are feeling the pinch. >> this is a missed opportunity to show we're serious about deficit reduction. >> a new plant would cut the deficit over 10 years. >> both camps have to get out of their comfort zone and make these tough decisions. >> lawmakers are not likely to accept the plan. it does appear at this time that the sequester would take effect. danielle leigh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:08. 32 degrees at the airport. an airline will upgrade their in-flight entertainment. >> and historic block in kansas city goes up in flames. >> another day in court for oscar pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend. what authorities say they found inside his home. >> i am live at the convention center. we' >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. sarah cal
photos. the white house releasing it today. this is the portrayed for president obama's second term, taken by chuck kennedy in the grin room. it shows off her new bangs. she's also sitting down. she was standing in a sleeveless dress back in 2009. this time she stuck with a dark neutral-colored outfit and pearls around her neck. >>> the u.s. olympic committee is reaching out to nearly three dozen cities to see who's interested in bidding for the 2024 games. d.c. and baltimore are among the locations under consideration. the two cities have considered a joint bid in the past. however mayor gray's office said it's not aware of any efforts to bring the olympics to the nation's capital. >>> hundreds of patients could be at risk. the johns hopkins doctors accused of secretly videotaping women. >>> and we have a warning about online dating scams. the warning signs that criminalssh preying >>> let's go back to the live desk. aaron gilchrist has new details about a new education bill. >> this could put a school in our area up for a state takeover. we're learning the general assembly has pas
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in maryland and changes to services many count on. president obama is taking to the air waves. vic carter spent the day at thuous. and a short time ago, he spoke with the president about this doomsday deadline. >> reporter: there is no question that here at the white house, the new cycle has been dominated by talks that involve sequestration. it could affect the biggest agency remember. >> at thuous, the president and staff continued to warn congress that if action is not taken, the country is in danger of having to furlough thousands of employees. they say the job is clearly in congress's >> this is a problem that congress can solve. you know, these automatic spending cuts that were put into place back in 2011. were designed to get congress to actually avoid them by coming together with more sensible approaches to deficit reduction. >> reporter: the president said this will likely be a close one. just like the fiscal cliff. >> i don't know why it is in this town folks leave stuff to the last minute. there's no other profession. no other industry wher
38. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. the obama administration is announcing steps to counteract cyber attacks by the chinese government, who allegedly is trying to cause chaos here. >> attorney general and others will be speaking out against the dangers of cyber attacks. major war against the cyber u.s. nonzript neighborhood and this 12-story building, the source of thousands of cyber attacks against 141 u.s. companies, spanning 20 industries. according to a new security report confirmed by u.s. intelligence, it is the headquarters of unit 61398, cyber warriors for china's people's liberty. >> the chinese government sapgsing these attacks. >> among the targets of the hackers, america's very infrastructure. >> now our enemies are seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our air traffic control systems. >> reporter: other targets, the news media, including "the new york times," the washington post and wall street journal. and familiar brands like coca cola, facebook. ugly gorilla and dota, according to this instr
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)